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About Global Surgical Instruments

Global Surgical Instruments was established in 2003 to offer hospitals, surgical centers, and schools a global source of quality surgical instruments. GSI has over 2,000 different instrument patterns in stock ready for immediate delivery. Through our suppliers we have over 20,000 more available in just a few days. We offer easy cross reference solutions to make sure you get the instrument you are looking for. We import (primarily from Germany) and distribute only the finest surgical grade instruments from the Germany, the USA and from other countries that meet the "GMP" (Good Manufacturing Procedures) that the FDA and the USA market requires. our instruments are manufactured from countries comply with the International Organization for Standards (ISO) series standards.

ISO is a globally recognized quality standard for the medical device industry. These quality standards ensure that Global Surgical Instruments, Inc instruments that you receive have met US and European quality standards, processes and procedures.

We are confident that our surgical instruments will meet your quality standards.  You can return them, no questions asked, and we will replace the instrument, repair the instrument or refund your money.

To all of you, from all of us at Global Surgical Instruments - Thank you


About Fisherman Surgical Instruments

Fisherman is the original name for Global Surgical Instruments.   If you are looking to replace a Fisherman instrument, we probably have it in stock.  Fisherman instruments are produced by the same manufacturers as Global Surgical Instruments.  With either name, the quality is guaranteed to meet your needs


About Student Surgical Instruments

To support the educational market's need for stainless steel instruments with the same look and feel as our standard quality instruments at a much lower price, we have begun importing a lower grade of selected instruments in customized kits for student use.  Right now these are imported when ordered to keep costs low.  Contact us for more information about these versions of our instruments